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"The Wookee"

   Why hello everyone! Welcome to the official F'n Wookee Studios website! As for how the story goes, some dude, with reasonable talent and vision created an art company. I was struggling for years of whether or not to go public with my abilities and create one off pieces of art that make individuals and families smile for years to come. I dabble in a little of this and that. Airbrush, pinstriping, freehand art, and acrylic painting are just to name a few. The company was built to spread art around the world (haven't yet, but maybe?) and help as many other people as possible.

   I bet you're scratching your head wondering how the heck I can help others. Well, fear not my confused comrades, with art work that is for a Veteran, active Military, and/or First Responder, a donation is made to small charities that assist in aiding those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Local volunteer fire departments and police get a donation made in the company name as well as yourself for supporting your family hero's.  So it's a win win for everyone! 

  Overall, the pieces of art you might receive might be one off never done techniques, at least by me. Huh, I guess that's it, see something you dig? Go ahead and ask for a quote. Allow me to try to provide something beautiful and timeless. - John aka "The Wookee


Oh! If you're wondering how I got the name for the company, well...long story short, walking with my now wife in college. I bust through a set of double doors through MWSU Student Union building "LOOKOUTNOW!", almost taking out one of the soccer gals. She turned around and under her breath says "F#@$ing Wookee". There you have it, many years before I even thought about creating a business, a fuzzy dude's company name was born. I present to you, F'n Wookee Studios.  

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