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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

First and foremost, my customers will be treated with the upmost respect. This is supposed to be a memorable experience for you and your gift receiver. Impatience does do not speed up the process. I will try the best that I can do to accommodate any situation. If you fall into financial hardship, we can try to work something out until it is fully paid off. 

Working together makes the process so much easier, do that from the start and everything will be what you hoped it could be. 

Also, any active or inactive/retired military personnel, police, and first responders receiving or purchasing custom art work receives a 10% discount on the overall purchase. Also a donation to a charity for military, art made for special interest (breast cancer, autism, etc), volunteer first responders, and local police departments of rural areas. It is important that we continue to help those who help others in times of need. 

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are thinking of creating a team emblem or shirt I do have the capability of creating a store. There is a charge to make your store and can be private to your organisation. Designs can be purchased and given in digital form after payment for contracted work. Please contact directly if you are inquiring for commissioned art design for teams. I by law cannot reuse any copy written materials that are not approved by you contacting the organization to receive approval. F'n Wookee Studios will not reuse a one off designs that was allowed to be created. Modified versions could be reused for other customers, but will not be exactly the same to continue having originality. All designs that are custom made by F'n Wookee Studios shall not be reprinted without the permission of the owner, if found, legal action will be taken for false claims of artwork as their own.   

Privacy & Safety

Your information is private and remains private. Using certified transaction methods allow for a safe, responsible, and respectful way for money transactions. PayPal and SQUARE are suggested, and cash is accepted. Checks are accepted with a $50 fee for any bounced checks. Checks are only allowed in person and have a minimum of a 3 day waiting period for transactions to be completed. 

Payment Methods



-Offline payment for in-person transactions 

Any questions can be directed to: 

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